Pinnacle TV for Mac full review

Pinnacle’s TV For Mac isn’t the most sophisticated TV tuner in this group, but it is quite reasonably priced at around £50 (as long as you buy it from Amazon).

It’s a digital tuner designed to receive and record the 40+ channels available on the Freeview system, so you’ll need to check that you have decent digital reception in your area in order to use it properly (if not, Pinnacle also sells a ‘hybrid’ tuner that can handle both digital and analogue TV signals for an extra £20).

To keep the price down, Pinnacle has opted to use a ‘lite’ version of Elgato’s EyeTV software. This works perfectly well, although it lacks a few of the advanced features found in the full version of EyeTV, such as the ability to share your recordings with other people on a home network.

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