PowerDock 2 review

While iPods aren’t quite 10-a-penny (imagine the queue at the Apple Store!), they are pretty much everywhere. Many people have more than one – either because they’ve upgraded, or because they’ve got an iPod and an iPhone, or because they share a house with a fellow iPod user.

The people at Griffin have spotted this trend, and created the PowerDock – a docking station that allows you to charge multiple iPods in one tidy place. The US has a PowerDock 4, which has four dock connectors, as well as the PowerDock 2, the latter of which has got itself a UK release.

First impressions of the PowerDock 2 are good. It’s lightweight yet feels very sturdy, and the single wire into the back makes for a tidy answer to your iPod power problems. As a dock with the sole purpose of charging two iPods, it hasn’t had the most exacting design problems placed up on it, but it’s still a job well done.

It could do with a power light, just so you know it’s charging. It would also be cool if it had audio out with a switch for switching between the two iPods.

Performance-wise it does the job – it charged an inoperably flat 160GB classic and first-gen touch in about two hours, which is comparable to plugging it into your computer.


At £34.99, the PowerDock is expensive – an Apple Universal Dock costs £29, and offers the ability to sync and also boasts an audio out. The PowerDock has a single specific purpose – it’s for charging two iPods at once in a neat and tidy way. And if that’s what you need, it’ll do you a great job. You might have more money than sense, though.

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