rE-versible Sleeve for MacBook Air full review

When you've invested £1,199 on a brand new MacBook Air laptop simply so you can use a slower-than-average Mac with a lighter than normal design, the last thing you want to do is carry it around in a huge two-kilo bag.

Which is where Contour Design's rE-Versible Sleeve for MacBook Air steps in. Barely measuring more than the Air itself, and weighing a scant 153g, it is a great solution for protecting the MacBook Air without compromising the weight advantage that the Air offers.

The sleeve is constructed of foam padding that's half a centimetre thick, and the Air simply slots inside and the flap folds over the top.

The only problem with Contour's rE-versible Sleeve For Macbook Air is that three members of the Macworld team took one look at it and immediately thought the same thing: "hot water bottle cover".

Maybe it's the grey plaid design, perhaps it's the snug fit or maybe it's the fold-over flap but there is something a bit too comforting about the rE-versible sleeve for MacBook Air. The design seems at odds with the swish high-tech design of the device itself. It's almost keeping it safe and snug, rather than just 'safe'.

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