Snugg iPad 3 Case Cover and Flip Stand review full review

Snugg’s folio-style case for the new iPad provides a simple but stylish way to protect your device, with the added function of a stand, stylus holder and hand strap.

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Slot the iPad into the case for a comfortable fit, secured in place with Velcro. If you’re planning on using Snugg’s stylus to interact with your tablet’s touchscreen, be sure to pull out the loop above the front facing camera cutout, which is designed to provide safekeeping for the pen.

When in the case with the front closed, almost all of the iPad is covered, leaving just enough exposed to allow access to all of the ports and buttons.

Open the case and you’ll notice that the iPad wakes up, due to the Snugg’s magnetic sleep and wake capabilities. The magnets are suitably strong enough to eliminate the worry that the front might flap open when you don’t want it to, but not too strong that it’s tricky to access your iPad quickly.

The Snugg case’s interior is made with soft nubuck fibre to protect against scratches, and there is an elasticated hand strap designed to make it easier to hold the iPad while you’re using it. This, however, doesn’t work as well as we’d like, because there is no way to keep the front firmly folded back on itself. That said, it’s only a minor quibble, and the rest of the case’s design and functionality impressed us.

If you use your iPad for FaceTime or typing then you’ll find the Snugg case’s stand capabilities helpful. It’s one of the sturdiest stands built into a folio cover we’ve seen, and can be positioned in a low landscape angle for typing, a more upright landscape position for FaceTime and movies, and a surprisingly sturdy portrait option.

The cutouts for the front and back cameras of the iPad are well positioned to ensure that the case doesn’t obstruct the lens. It’s worth noting that there are still several cases out there that don’t even have a cutout for the rear camera, so we’re pleased to see Snugg hasn’t omitted that feature too.

As for the overall design, the case doesn’t add too much bulk to the iPad and isn’t exceptionally heavy. It’s professional looking and manufactured to a high standard. If you’re in love with the iPad’s design, though, there’s no doubt you’ll miss it with this case.

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