The TubeStick Review

At just under €40 (around £26), the TubeStick is one of the cheapest TV tuners currently available for the Mac. However, it works well and includes some useful software that lets you do more than just watch TV on your Mac.

You watch and record TV using a simple program called The Tube, but the TubeStick also includes a second program called MediaCentral, which works rather like Apple’s Front Row software. It does a lot more than Front Row, though, with features such as the ability to play internet radio stations and connect to video sites such as YouTube and Google Video.


The only potential drawback is the fact that the TubeStick is a digital tuner, designed to work with a digital TV signal rather than an ordinary analogue signal. If digital reception in your area is still a bit dodgy then you might need to stick with an analogue tuner instead.

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