Mac Data Recovery Guru full review

Time Machine provides a very convenient back-up option for Macs, so that you can recover old files that you might have accidentally lost or deleted. However, Time Machine only works with your Mac’s main internal drive, so it can’t recover files that were deleted from an external drive, or from a drive that has been damaged in some way. And, of course, not everyone remembers to back-up with Time Machine anyway.

If you ever need to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, or were stored on a damaged drive, then Mac Data Recovery Guru might be able to save the day. It’s a very simple and straightforward utility that provides two options for recovering your files. If you have simply deleted a file by mistake then it can scan your drive and only look for files that have been deleted. Or, if the drive is damaged in some way, you can tell it to locate every single file that can possibly be recovered.

Once the program has finished scanning your drive it will display a list of the different files types that it has found – such as Word documents, PDF or graphics files – and you can then choose which specific files you want to recover. It can also display a small preview of each file so that you can make sure you’ve located the correct file.

I tested Mac Data Recovery Guru with an old USB 2 drive that has developed a few bad sectors over the years. The initial scan time will vary depending on the size of your drive and the number of files stored on it, but it took about 15 minutes for the program to locate 469 deleted files on my 500GB hard drive, and only another five minutes to fully recover those files and transfer them into a folder on my Mac’s internal hard drive.


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