MacBook 2.4GHz [Aluminium] 2008 full review

With their faster graphics cards, higher performance cache and new DDR3 memory, the new MacBooks are closer than ever to the MacBook Pros (which have also seen a refresh). In many ways this is a good thing (as we'll see in this review), but there is always the price issue. At £1,149 this model of MacBook is only £250 cheaper than the MacBook Pro. As with the cheaper MacBook 2.0GHz there is the issue of the price in general, but with this model it is compounded by its relative closeness to the MacBook Pro. Should you pay the extra £250 and go the whole way up to the Pro model, that's the question?

In the two and half years since the first MacBook model, Apple has tweaked and improved its consumer-level laptop line three times. But the latest (fourth) version is a giant leap for the MacBook, compared to the baby steps of the earlier updates. With the latest design (both inside and out), the MacBook has become a lot more like a MacBook Pro mini.

There are some differences though, As with the MacBook 2.0GHz, Apple has removed the FireWire option.

The new MacBook has a very different look and feel to the model it replaces

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