b-l-a-c-k-o-p DotMatrix full review

This free, retro pop-art app has been around for a while, but has just arrived in the App Store, making it widely available to everyone.

DotMatrix is designed to turn video footage from the iSight camera or static images from anywhere, into retro graphics. So, there’s a range of video frame sizes and frame rates for the video capture, or a choice of landscape or portrait orientation for static images. One immediate problem with loading a static image is that it cannot be repositioned inside the effect window, so, even in portrait mode, if someone’s head is near the top of the frame, it gets cut off. Otherwise there an almost bewildering number of categories and styles.

Each of the 11 categories has over a dozen styles. These range from posterisation type effects to mask overlays and patterns. So, there’s plenty of Warhol, 60s and 70s shapes and comic book half-toning effects. Everything can be toned into specific colours and all the parameters tweaked to customise or completely change the look of the effect. 

This effect reduces the tones, adds an effect mask and a background overlay – all of which can be customised

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