BannerZest Pro full review

We’re torn by BannerZest Pro. On the one hand, it’s a cost-effective, easy way to put together Flash-powered banners. On the other hand, it’s an advert authoring system, and while online advertisements are our bread and butter, we realise they can be annoying to our readers.

As banner ads are a fact of online life, the least you can ask for is an app that helps people make good ones. This is that app – sharing animation features with AquaFadas’ other tool, PulpMotion.

Like its larger, more expensive cousin, you can use BannerZest Pro to create slideshows using simple drag-and-drop techniques onto built-in templates – many of them new to version 2. The interface is also much improved and now includes sound support.

To make a banner, you add artwork to a new project on launch. This then pops up in a default theme, that you can change, edit and add further media to. There are even rudimentary image-editing tools. Here’s where the app gets interesting. It may be marketed as a banner creator – and it comes equipped with settings to export to standard banner sizes – but it has other applications.

You could use it create a gallery for a web page or some Flash-based navigation. We should mention that the cheaper Standard version of the application doesn’t include adding URLs to media – making this impossible. The finished product can be output now as single SWF files with media embedded, ready to be plugged into your web project.

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