Curio Professional 6 full review

Curio is a single application for note taking, outlining, mind mapping, project management, charting, drawing, presenting, and more. Makers Zengobi describes Curio as a brainstorming and project management application for creative types and visual thinkers. Curio executes most of its features with aplomb, but with so many of them Curio puts up a very busy interface.

A Curio document is a collection of “idea spaces.” Idea spaces are like slides in Keynote or PowerPoint, canvases upon which you add a mélange of text, images and diagrams collectively referred to as “figures.”

The simplest figures are lines and shapes that can be drawn on the idea space, then moved, resized, and colored as desired. When an idea space’s background is set to mimic notebook paper, text figures snap to the lines, perfect for taking notes.

Curio also accepts input from pressure-sensitive drawing tablets so you can doodle on your notepad, too. Though unlike other figures, drawings can’t be moved and don’t respect layers-they’re always on the top layer.

List figures are hierarchical outlines similar to Microsoft Word’s outline feature set. In Curio, lists are movable objects that can be dragged to any position on the idea space. Annoyingly, there is no provision for importing lists from other sources, and a block of return-separated text pasted into a list figure will be treated as a single line, not as individual items.

Curio also sports table figures allowing you to create a grid and fill it with text, images and other figures. Compared to the often-maddening table editors in word processors and Web page editors, Curio’s tables are refreshingly easy to create and manipulate. Images dropped into a cell scale neatly with the table as it’s resized. Selecting cells, even non-contiguous sets, works exactly like it ought to.

Still another figure type is a moveable text box called the index card. In its default form the index card figure looks exactly like a real index card-the same shape, the same 3-by-5 aspect ratio, even the same red line at the top and blue lines below.

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