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Businesses that rely heavily on documentation – legal, healthcare, accounting, say – need reliable ways to track documents. That’s DocMoto’s role. It’s a file server and management system with a client-side tool that makes finding and working on shared documents very easy indeed.

Basically, DocMoto does two jobs. First, the server enables you to share documents across a network using a single interface. Second, those documents can be organised using the client tool. It’s a native and thoroughly Mac application, with a layout that will be familiar to any OS X user. A hierarchical tree shows networked folders on the left and folder contents (or sub-folders) in the main pane. You can also preview document contents and metadata in a third pane. This means that, though offering a complex feature set, learning to use DocMoto is pretty easy; it doesn’t look like enterprise-level software at all.

Enterprise-level software it is, though – with a price and complexity to match. With configurable folders for different file types you can choose which columns of information DocMoto displays for each, say, camera origin data for images, or file sizes for video. Version control means you can work on documents without fear of damaging someone else’s work, and any time a file does change, you can set a notification email. Templates can be used to quickly generate a set of folders with ready configured sub-folders.

The tool’s integration with OS X is a real strength. For example, you can use Quick Look across the network with documents, images and other supported objects. You can even select multiple documents at once and preview several media files side-by-side. Finally, powerful search query creation features enable you to search within files, and in metadata, titles and tags.

DocMoto will appeal to document-heavy medium or large businesses, such as schools, accounting firms and legal offices

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