Enhancer full review

With a general title like Enhancer you may wonder exactly what things this Akvis filter is actually doing. The answer is most of the basic things you want to do to an image. It has three components which gives the interface a disjointed feel because they all have their own parameters.

There’s the Improve Detail mode that tackles shadows, highlights, increased contrast and sharpness and lightness. The shadows and highlights are simply more crude versions of what’s already in Photoshop while the Level of Detail adds clarity but also noise.

The Prepress mode is supposed to be used before printing, but it can be used even if you don’t intend to print the image. It adds sharpness at borders and contrast.

The Tone Correction function also works on shadows and highlights, but this time you can specify which colour channels to use it on. There’s a small preview on screen but to get an idea of the overall effect the processor script has to be run before applying.

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