GeoPhoto 1.0 full review

If that was all the software did it wouldn’t be that interesting. Cleverly, GeoPhoto 1.0 is network connected, so you can add iPhoto or aperture images to GeoPhoto’s library, and can also connect to Flickr and browse images from the site using filtered tags. Enter keywords, download the images and browse them in one of several ways.

The main window features a 3D representation of the Earth. The image resolution isn’t quite as good as Google Earth, so there’ll be no zooming into your back garden with GeoPhoto.

Still, you can click-&-drag on the globe, rotating it into position. Zoom in and out with keyboard shortcuts to take a closer look or use the mouse wheel on your three-buttoned rodent.

Select and zoom in to any image on the globe with a double click, or highlight it in the scrolling preview bar at the bottom.

The software also has a slideshow mode that will take you through all the images in a selected scrapbook. A variety of image formats are supported, along with data formats used to embed geographic information into them.

If you have an interest in travel and photography, GeoPhoto is a great way to share your passion with other users – it’s very immersive.

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