iArt Pro review

There’s always room in the digital kit bag for a painting app with a few tricks up its sleeve. Here’s iArt Pro which offers a basic painting package, supplemented with a colour overlay function. This desatures the entire image that you’ve painted, then, where you make brush strokes, colour is restored. It’s a neat feature, but really, it’s the only one. The rest of the app offers a poor selection of brushes which can be varied in size, but crucially, not opacity. There’s some dodging and burning, blurring, adding text and speech bubbles. On the manipulation side, elements can be marked and cut out and flipped, but not rotated. The colour picker previews what colour it’s going to select but it’s buggy and the undo function makes the entire Mac crawl for 15 minutes while it works. 

Painting is fairly basic with just a few brush types and no control over opacity. It’s anything but Pro


The problem with this app is that it doesn’t do enough, well enough. It’s about a basic a painting app as you can get and yet it has at least three annoying bugs.

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