Jaada full review

Jaadu (previously Teleport) is a virtual network computing (VNC) client for the iPhone that allows you to see and control all Macs and PCs on your network.

When launched, Jaadu will scan your network and find any machines on which you’ve enabled sharing – you can then select the machine, enter the password, and save that connection for future use.

Once connected, Jaadu can show all of that machine’s displays at their full resolution. You can rotate the screen horizontally, and use the usual iPhone gestures to zoom in and out. Beyond zooming, though, Jaadu offers a full suite of gestures to do all the things you’d do on a Mac or PC. A two-finger tap is a right-click; drag is a double-tap followed by a drag motion; scroll with two-finger vertical swipes; and send the left and right arrow keys with a two-finger horizontal swipe. And Jaadu sends mouse events (clicks, drags, and so on) to the location of the always-visible mouse pointer.

The keyboard functionality is also innovative. When typing in a remote program over a network connection, there’s always going to be some lag, and that makes accurate typing difficult. To help with that problem, Jaadu echoes your typing locally in an area immediately above the keyboard. This makes it much easier to write accurately, even if the network connection is slow.

Jaadu will not encrypt your sessions, so it’s best used in a local, behind-the-firewall, environment. The current version is a bit buggy – it crashed once, and occasionally, the remote screen will stop responding to taps. (Quitting and reconnecting solves that problem.) Early version wouldn’t work with servers running RealVNC – an issue for those connecting to Windows PCs. But this has been addressed in a recent update.

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