OpenPhoto full review

There are many tools for archiving photos online. Problem is, they usually have an issue or two. Flickr’s light is waning, Instagram is great on your iPhone but you can’t upload from your Mac. Then there’s Google’s Picasa and the photo tools on G+. At the moment, it’s easy to get your pics up there with Android - downloading them locally is restricted on some platforms.

That’s why OpenPhoto sounds like such a great proposition. The service interfaces with a cloud storage platform of your choice. Dropbox, Amazon S3 and are available so far. You can upload images from iPhone or Mac. They go in a folder that uses your own cloud storage. The advantage is clear - your images can be accessed anywhere. You don’t even need access to OpenPhoto.

The online service offers simple tools to arrange and organise your pics. Tags and albums do the job well. OpenPhoto automatically tags your pics with the date of upload too. The interface looks great, though that’s also where our first gripes creep in.

The FAQ document for using OpenPhoto refers to functions and features that either aren’t yet live or are comprehensively well hidden. For example, we were unable to change the location of our cloud storage once we’d made an initial choice, but the manual says you can.

Also, one you’ve created your account there’s no log-in capability on the service’s landing page. You have to type in the URL of your own sub-page to find your account. Frustrating.

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