MacFamily Tree 5 full review

Genealogy is one of the world’s rapidly-growing hobbies. The internet is partly responsible, opening access to records and databases that were once difficult to track down. MacFamily Tree 5 is the latest, thoroughly revamped version of a tool dedicated to mapping your ancestors. Though it doesn’t draw data direct from online sources, it can be used to build up your own family tree using OS X’s Core Data technology. The open nature of the format allows you to add thousands of names alongside related data, including images, audio, video and web pages.

Once entered, that data can be viewed and compared in a number of useful ways. That is MacFamily Tree’s real strength – charting and analysis. And, boy, do genealogists love their charts. You get ancestor and descendant charts, timelines and family charts, as well as the more typical genogram style view – that’s a family tree to the uninitiated. There’s even a rather impressive 3D view that maps family members with flags pinned to a rotating globe. Not much use if all your rellies come from Carmarthen, of course.

MacFamily Tree’s main claim to greatness is its editing tools. Though there are generic dialogues for data entry, for individuals as well as families, the Family Assistant is the software’s hub. Here you can access an animated family tree that zooms and scrolls as you navigate through its branches, adding new ancestors as you go.

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