Manga Studio Debut 4 full review

Despite its name, Manga Studio Debut 4 isn’t just for aficionados of Japanese comics. It’s a tool for all budding graphic novelists, boasting a reduced toolset based on the professional comic strip creation tool Manga Studio EX. And although it’s not as powerful as its sibling, the tools provided are more than up to the task.

Manga Studio Debut opens in Page mode, but there are two views – Page and Story. Story view enables you to plan out entire comic books, ready for print. Manga Studio isn’t only a tool for drawing comics, it’s also a tool for laying them out; a desktop publishing system with comic art in mind.

We were most impressed by the range of natural media tools, though. In Manga Studio Debut these are collected together in a Beginners panel, but you can toggle this off with the F12 key for a more traditional and configurable interface. If that’s what you’d prefer, the screen state can be saved to give you a custom workspace.

The drawing tools include pencil, brushes, pen and Magic Marker. The drawing tools are all configurable and highly convincing. Alongside these tools are a set of preset items that make putting comics together a breeze Grids make layout creation instant, word balloons can be dragged into place, configured and filled with dialogue. If you’re familiar with budget tool Comic Life you’ll know the drill. Well, Manga Studio Debut 4 combines the ease of use tools found there with the layer and drawing power of Photoshop. And, at a very reasonable price, it’s a potent mix.

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