Morpheus Photo Animation Suite full review

When we think about morphing, we think about ’90s TV. Back then the box always seemed to be showing ‘hilarious’ transformational animations. Politicians turned into poodles, chubby folk became slim, and superhero alter-egos became birds or tigers. The technology was fresh and new in those days, requiring lots of processing power to get good results.

Though there have been desktop morphing applications available for a long time, their output always fell short of broadcast technology. Then, the effect fell out of favour – dated by overuse. It’s interesting, then, to catch up with the current state of play. Morpheus Animation Suite is a bundle of tools for making your own ‘morphs’. Though its usefulness is still negligible, the quality is much improved and the fun factor is still there.

As the name implies, this release – ported from a long-serving Windows application – combines a suite of tools sharing the same interface; Morpher, Mixer and Warper, each with a different job. Morpher transforms one image into another, enabling you to turn family and friends into pets and plants. Mixer lets you combine elements from two images into one, and Warper is a distortion tool, enabling you to add bloating and bulges to your photos – or, indeed, take them out.

Each component can be used to generate animations automatically to fill in the stages between your original photo and its manipulated result. The sequence can be saved in Flash, QuickTime or GIF format for desktop or online deployment.

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