NoteMind 1.4.9 full review

This isn’t a new idea at all, because computer scientist Vannevar Bush came up with the concept of linking data using commonalities back in the 1930s. He envisioned databases with a mesh of associative trails running through them. Later dubbed hypertext, this was how the web was supposed to work.

Enough of the history. How does NoteMind work? Very simply, as it happens. It’s ostensibly a database into which you can import or paste information.

It’s not picky about the kind of information, either; you can add text, audio, images, web links and to-do lists, which are placed in folders you create within the program.

Once in NoteMind the software automatically creates mind maps of your folder trees. You can add comments and notations in this window.

Though you can now access any of these files within NoteMind, its real strength is in the way it organises and matches data.

For example, as you surf the Net you may come across an interesting paragraph in a web page. With NoteMind running, you highlight that text and hit the designated QuickAdd key to add it to your database automatically. Not only that, but the software harnesses Spotlight to look for points of comparison between the new data, existing entries and data on your hard drive. It can then file the note in the most appropriate folder. Powerful stuff.

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