OmmWriter Dana II full review

OmmWriter Dana II aims to make writing anything from everyday emails and notes to more considered prose a more focused, pleasurable experience. The simple text processor, available for Mac, PC and iPad, does this by offering a distraction free canvas on which to work. A choice of background images are suitably muted in colour and theme, including some barely there landscapes, for instance a winter scene of trees in snow. If this sounds a little new age and hippy like, it is, but in a good way. 

A set of controls on the right hand side of the screen gives access to text, visual and audio options. A selection of seven Brian Eno style ambient themes are available to soundtrack your thoughts, which rises above your typical piano plinking beloved of documentary filmmakers. Surprisingly varied, depending on your ability to work to music, you'll either find these a useful tool or a distraction. The makers recommend wearing headphones during the writing process and it's essential you mute any other distractions, including email, Facebook, Twitter and Growl style notifications.  

If you’re lucky enough to have a large display or the 27-inch iMac your text can look a little lost, even when defaulted to the largest +3 option. With limited formatting options, OmmWriter Dana II lacks the depth of other word processors although it's clearly not trying to compete on the same level. Work can be saved as .txt, rtf. and PDF files if you need to develop your ideas further. 

OmmWriter Dana II  

Also available is the free OmmWriter Dana I, which is essentially the same experience with about half the visual and audio options offered by the paid version. It's a good way to try before you buy although the full version is modestly priced. Available direcetly from the makers OmmWriter Dana II has no set price, although costs £2.99 on the Apple Mac App Store, which is a good guide price. 

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