Perfect Portrait full review

There are two aspects to Perfect Portrait – one is the skin refining section, the other is the manual masking side. The latter comes with a host of tools to help refine the mask that prevents the other functions from running amok. Unfortunately, this is required because the skin smoothing functions can’t differentiate between hair and skin that are the same colour. Note that the other packages don’t have this problem.

When in the skin adjusting side there’s also manual tools as well, mainly for removing blemishes that the automated functions don’t pick up. It all works, just not as automatically as you’d expect.

There are a bunch of presets which include both male and female, though many of these slap a red tint onto the image. The actual parameters cover skin retouching which includes removing shine and adding texture, skin complexion colour, eye whitening and lip enhancements.

So, there’s more than Portraiture 2 but less than Portrait Professional. Pretty good, but second best here.

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