Photo Mosaic 2.0 full review

This is one of those kind of utilities that anyone creating special cards or posters for people will find invaluable. For photographers and designers and even people creating images for family and friends. Yes, it’s a photo mosaic that takes one main image as the base template, then uses hundreds or thousands of small versions of other photos to recreate that base image. The effect is so that from a distance you can tell what the image is, but when examined closer, all the little photos are discernable. The first task then is to set your main image, crop and rotate as necessary and set the output from web to massive poster size. Once a folder of suitable folders has been selected – and this is preferable to selecting them one by one – the app builds them into its database. There’s a section on dividing the screen into lines which affect how well defined the final image will be, but more lines takes longer.

Then you can move on to the tile set up screen which is somewhat chaotic. This has lots of parameters for processing colours, tile variation size and angles, the shape of the tiles and so on. Really, until you see the finished result first, it’s difficult to appreciate what difference they make and there is no preview option because when you click the green arrow to proceed, it takes a long time to create. Obviously, a lo-res image for the web will be much quicker. Otherwise, sit and wait for the results. 

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