Poladroid full review

Poladroid is the easy way to make Polaroid-style images from photos in your collection. Of course, that presupposes that you actually want to make your digital images look like Polaroids, but let’s not delve to deeply into the logic of this, shall we?

Poladroid is, ultimately, a very silly application, made by French people. We know this part because, even though the version we have was labelled Poladroid UK, half of the menus – and all the documentation – were in the language of the Gauls.

Here’s how it works. Launch Poladroid and you get a cute little Polaroid camera icon on your desktop. Drag a photo to it and, after a short pause, you’ll hear the familiar whirr of an instant camera.

Your image pops out onto your desktop in pseduo-Polaroid form. But, wait! It’s not ready yet – the image continues to ‘develop’ before your eyes – just like a real Polaroid. You can even grab the image and give it a good old shake to speed up the process if you like...

When the Polaroid has fully developed you’ll hear a chime. The pictures that appear on your desktop are just thumbnails – a full sized version is automatically saved to a designated default folder on your hard drive. Control-click on the thumbnail and you can be taken to the finished file in Finder.

At full size, the images show remarkable attention to detail, with suitably saturated colours, textured paper and even the odd smudgy thumbprint all adding to the sense of nostalgia.

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