Portrait Professional 10 review

If there’s a leading light in automatic face improvement it’s Portrait Professional which has expanded its repertoire from just improving skin textures to wholesale remodelling of the face and its features.

The initial process takes a little while to define the facial areas but it needs to be done because the automatic process isn’t that accurate. Once completed skin can have blemishes and lines removed, be smoothed out and have pores removed.This needs approaching with caution because overuse results in soft, sludge-like skin with some artificial texture. Fortunately PP is capable of far better results and makes cleaning up faces much quicker than doing it by hand.

There are also functions for resculpting the face, including the jawline and nose, as well as more cosmetic functions of changing eye and hair colour which work very well. Pro Studio version includes support for 16-bit and RAW images and works as a Photoshop plug-in.


Overall, superb results are possible with Portrait Professional 10

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