Poseable full review

It may be hard to believe now but the original purpose of character modelling package Poser was as replacement for the artists wooden mannequin posing tool. That’s where the creator of Poseable has gone with this app which features a wooden figure as well as some more anatomically useful skeleton figures.

The aim is to set up scenes and pose the characters then export the image as a JPEG. It can then be used as a drawing reference. Or, you can draw and move the figures around the screen. There’s options for adding props and moving the camera around but the key issue is posing.

The controls for this are okay, but they could be better and it would be handier if they were separated from the distort controls. The field of view from the camera can be changed but it uses specific angles rather than camera focal lengths. The field of view does affect the telephoto reach but it doesn’t add distortion.

Finally, there are a couple of options for seeing the figure on a turntable and as a silhouette. 

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