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Zoom in to check an image, then add the title and details. Facebook images have to be loaded to specific albums.

There’s a lot to be said for being able to upload lots of images at once to social media websites. For one thing, it saves time having to log in and out, and to manually upload each one. For a multiple account poster, the host app needs to be able to do as much as possible with as many accounts as possible. The name of this app is, appropriately enough, Poster, and it can post images to Flickr, Facebook and SmugMug. Three websites isn’t an awful lot, and there are other sites that would have benefited from being included. The first task then is to add log-in credentials for those sites. Once accomplished, a new session can be created to upload photos, tied to one of those accounts. There’s no option to post to multiple accounts which would have been more useful.

For adding to Facebook, there are all the details to fill out, but also any uploads either have to go to an existing album by name, or a new album has to be created. As you may not exactly remember all your album names, and there’s no way of getting them here, duplication or extra albums are almost guaranteed. Once images have been uploaded, they still aren’t live on Facebook though. Although Poster loads a web browser and links directly to where the process is, you still need to manually approve the photos you’re trying to upload. This makes the process longer than if you simply did it in Facebook in the first place.

Images can be loaded as sets or groups to Flickr and given tags that apply to all the images being uploaded.

There are more options for a site like Flickr, because it’s a dedicated image hosting site. Photos can be tagged, arranged into sets and groups and various levels of moderation applied. It’s also possible to identify and tag people in the images as well. The advantage comes when dealing with a set of photos from the same shoot or location. Then they can be group tagged and labelled and uploaded all at once. This saves some time.

There are minor functions like zooming into the image to make sure it’s the one you had in mind, and being able to rotate them. File sizes and capture dates can also be displayed, and a Finder window can be opened to show where the photo is in actuality, if you need to extract EXIF data. This is something Poster could do, but unfortunately doesn’t. Another annoyance is that with multiple images loaded, you might want to have separate tags, especially if they are from different events. However, despite selecting a specific photo to add tags to, if you then click on Post, the app starts posting all of the images loaded, not just the one highlighted. It would have made far more sense to have a single upload and a multiple upload option.

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