PulpMotion 3 full review

PulpMotion, is an easy-to-use multimedia presentation-making tool. There are two releases, a standard version and an advanced one. For bargain hunters, the standard edition offers a ton of functionality, for half the price. That’s the version we’re looking at here.

PulpMotion brings drag-and-drop multimedia authoring to your desktop, with support for image, video and music file formats. You drag elements to a main window from the Media Manager – a built-in browser for supported files. As you add elements they automatically appear in a timeline. You can reorder these elements whenever you choose. Each element can be further tweaked in the Media Inspector – a pane that enables you to rename media files, add filters and even store notes.

One powerful feature is that you can edit media in place. For example, position a video clip and it’s easy set the start and end points. Pulpmotion’s presentations are powered by bundled themes. There are 132 to choose from in the latest standard edition of the program. Among the other new features are text effects and transitions, the ability to change screen sizes on export, and the ability to save export parameters as presets. The animation engine’s already been rewritten from the ground up – to complement the software’s HD output capability.

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