QuickSort full review

Corel, once a massive name in PC image-creation tools, has had a rollercoaster decade. Its applications are no longer in the lofty top tier alongside main rival Adobe, so it has had to find other ways to innovate.

QuickSort, ironically built on Adobe AIR, is a simple photo-sorting tool with potential. At launch, you designate a folder full of images. You can quickly arrange them into stacks of good or best, navigating your way using simple keyboard shortcuts.

Cursor keys move you through previews, one thumbnail at a time, while a tap of the spacebar zooms the current image to full size. Hitting B or G sends an image to the best or good stacks, respectively.

When you’ve finished sorting you can upload either stack to any album you choose on Facebook. You can also choose to save a copy of either stack to a new folder, giving you an easy way of physically filtering good and bad pics on your local drive. Feeling ruthless? A stack of photos or single pictures can be sent to the trash using a keyboard shortcut too.

A simple idea that enables you to swiftly keep the good pictures and bin the bad

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