TabletDraw full review

Got a graphics tablet? Chances are that it shipped with a copy of Corel Painter – which is a fine application for natural media emulation. It’s also a complex, highly configurable tool that requires some dedication
to master. Not so TabletDraw. Install this baby and you’ll be drawing and doodling within minutes of launching it.

Complexity is not always a good thing and TabletDraw’s feature set is refreshingly small and smart. For your meagre money you get a simple drawing window, a colour palette, a small tool panel and a brush selection dialog. There are half a dozen brush types to choose, each one configurable – so you can change the size, opacity and colour. The lines drawn are pressure sensitive – of course – so the results are pleasingly similar to ink, pencil and marker. There’s also a built-in feature called ‘SwiftCurve’ that helps render marks as you draw them, smoothed without compromising the integrity of the line.

So far, so basic. Two features set TabletDraw apart from rivals. Firstly, you can quickly and easily rotate and move the workspace as you draw. Brilliant for working on tricky details, giving you the same flexibility you have on paper. More, in fact. Try zooming into a piece of A4 in the real world. Unless you have bionic eyes, it just won’t work. The second cool feature is ‘Ink Mode’. When this is enabled, you can colour up to and under the edge of darker outlines, rather than over them. This makes drawing and colouring a whole lot easier, and is, frankly, a stroke of genius.

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