Mists of Pandaria full review

Subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft may have dipped in the last year or so, but with more than nine million regular subscribers it’s still the undisputed king of the massively-multiplayer online gaming scene – as well as being one of the few MMOs available for the Mac.

The key to WoW’s success is the apparently never-ending series of expansion packs that introduce new character classes into the game, as well as massive new continents to explore, and dungeons full of tempting magical loot. This year’s addition is Mists Of Pandaria, an expansion pack that adds a taste of the mystical East by introducing a new race called the Pandaren.

Yes, we’re talking Kung-Fu Panda here – although, strictly speaking, the cuddly Pandaren can also be wizards, rogues and shamen too. They do bring a touch of Kung-Fu to the game, though, as the Pandaren introduce the new Monk class, which uses ‘chi’ energy to master martial arts moves such as the Spinning Crane Kick or to summon mystical assistance such as the Jade Serpent that can heal your allies.

All classes and races can also explore the new continent of Pandaria, which consistents of several huge zones packed with new dungeons and boss monsters just waiting to be conquered. The maximum level for your characters has been increased to Level 90, and there are new zones in Pandaria such as the Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds that are specifically designed for those higher level characters.

There are other new challenges as well, including a new Challenge Mode that encourages efficient teamwork as you race to complete a dungeon quest against the clock. And when you reach Level 90 you can take part in new ‘scenario’ adventures, in which teams of just three players have to complete a series of tasks in order to collect bagfuls of high-quality loot.

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