WriteRoom 2.3 full review

WriteRoom is designed for one function – to help you write without distractions.

When you launch the program, your windows and desktop disappear, replaced with a single green cursor on a full screen of black. Programmer Jesse Grosjean designed WriteRoom to block out the distractions of other programs and WriteRoom’s minimalist interface also frees you from the urge to fiddle with margins, fonts and other settings, leaving you nothing to do but write.

Start typing and the screen begins to fill with bright green text. As your text piles up, WriteRoom uses typewriter-style scrolling to push the text upward, leaving the line you’re writing nicely centred at the middle of the screen. You can use your mouse wheel, the arrow keys or a slider bar at the right of the screen to go through your text as needed. Move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, and document information briefly pops up.

WriteRoom is fast and responsive. The program never crashed during our tests, and we never encountered any bugs within the program itself.

The only significant glitch we ran into came when we tried to integrate WriteRoom with other apps. You can install a plug-in that lets you invoke WriteRoom from other programs – to write messages in Mail, for example. While that plug-in seems to work in Tiger, it doesn’t in Leopard.

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