Wunderkit full review

There are many project management tools for teams around right now - from the very corporate feeling TeamBox to the straightforward and simple Trello.

Wunderkit is being savvily marketed as a project management tool for friends and family. Still, powerful features enable it to be used by work teams too. Projects in Wunderkit are called “Workspaces”. A space can be a single project or an ongoing team collaboration.

Within each space, you get a number of tools. There’s a Dashboard that keeps you up to date with all the activity on a project, enabling you to track members and post information to everyone. Next up, a simple Tasks manager gives you a screen to create to-do items and assign them to team members. Finally, there’s a space for Notes.

Each element is simple to use, but powerful. Tasks, for example can be recurring or be one off job with a deadline. You can comment on tasks in progress and discuss them with team members. Tags allow you to categorise and order tasks too. The same is true for your notes - tags enable you to track and organise them. Comments are there for other team members to add their two cents.

These elements are all private, exclusive to your team, but there’s a public side too. Wunderkit allows you to publish an open profile where any user can follow status updates. A bit like a Facebook page, it’s ideal for building interest in a work in progress.

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