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It’s rare to find an application that’s truly unique, but YourView could be one of that breed. While ostensibly a tool for editing video, it does so by grafting the tagging functionality of modern search tools to video. But, instead of tagging an entire file, you can add tags to favourite parts of the clip – called ‘events’. These can then be exported to iMovie for further editing.

Clips that you ‘tag’ with events can be assigned their own unique icons from the clip itself using many categorised images already bundled with the package. You can use the tool to build up a library of favourite clips, each with their own star rating, or share your favourite bits using supported services. These include YouTube, MySpace, Apple TV and even the iPhone.

All this takes place within an interface that superficially resembles a standard video editor. You add events as the file plays back, then fine tune their length, star rating, tags and start and end times in an Event Details panel afterwards.

At first, it might seem difficult to understand the benefit of such a tool – but in an era where the creation of video content from found material is booming, YourView has the potential to tap a fledgling niche. We used it to mark up royalty free footage for use in a music video – then exported the clips direct to iMovie for editing. Using a traditional approach – cutting and pasting video content in a dedicated editor – would have been much more time consuming.

Also, the idea of timeline tagging of media content seems prescient. As the web becomes more multimedia rich, how else might we search for specific content online?

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