Zenbe Lists 1.2 full review

As well as being a basic to-do tracker, Zenbe Lists has two features that set it apart from simliar apps: online syncing and sharing.

As a standalone to-do list app, Zenbe Lists is straightforward. It lets you create multiple lists of tasks and reorder items in a list, as well as reorder the lists. You can also edit any list name or item after creating it. Zenbe supports due dates for items, although there are no audible or visual alarms.

There are a few options via the settings screen: font size, moving checked-off items automatically to the bottom of the host list, and landscape mode. Unfortunately, these options aren’t located within the app itself; they’re found in the iPhone’s Settings, so you have to quit the app and switch to Settings to make any changes, then switch back to Zenbe Lists.

What makes Zenbe Lists different from other basic to-do apps is that once you set up a free account at the Zenbe website, and enter your username and password in the iPhone app, you can sync and share lists online. A simple tap on the Sync button in the iPhone app saves all your lists to the Zenbe site. If your phone’s ever stolen or needs to be restored, you can easily sync your lists back to your iPhone.

There are other compelling benefits of online syncing. Tap the Share button in Zenbe Lists on your phone and an email message is created containing a link; anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch with Zenbe Lists installed can click on that link to load your list. If they have their own free Zenbe account, they can edit the list and sync their changes, as well.

Alternatively, you can view, and edit, your lists in any web browser. And if you click on the Share button, you get a URL so other people can view and edit that list in their own web browser. This approach doesn’t require others to have a Zenbe account.

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