Macally MacBook IceShell full review

Like the Macally BookShell2 previously reviewed by Macworld, the Macally MacBook IceShell is a protective case for Apple's 13in aluminium unibody MacBook introduced last year. Unlike the BookShell2, the IceShell is transparent, ensuring those around you know you are a Mac user. That's a plus, although the clear plastic clip on design is hardly a style winner.

The two-piece snap-on case is at least functional, offering some protection for your Apple laptop. All that aluminium, although easy on the eye, scuffs up and is prone to marks and scratches. The IceShell is an effective barrier between the MacBook and everyday life, and is particularly useful to anyone who regularly travels or needs to work on the move. That said, it isn't going to prevent damage if you’re unfortunate enough to drop your MacBook from a height or hit it with force.

The Macally MacBook IceShell proved a slightly better fit than the Macally BookShell2 although both require a little manipulation to fit true. The two halves clip into place with small hinges, ensuring you’re not left holding a handful of plastic when you pick up your laptop.

The design has vents and openings for all your MacBook connections, including power lead and USB cables. An open back offers some ventilation to, hopefully, ensure your IceShell stays cool in the heat. Four small, rubberised feet keep the MacBook grounded when in use and are particularly useful when working on a train or flight.

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