MacBook 2.0GHz [ALUMINIUM] 2008 full review - Page 2

The new MacBook's unibody design

What’s most noticeable about the new MacBook is its design. Apple ditched the MacBook’s polycarbonate case for one made of precision-crafted aluminum, the same case design used in the new MacBook Pro. The result is a sleeker, more rounded design; when closed, it looks very svelte, even though the MacBook is only 0.13 inches thinner than its predecessor (the very thin top of the MacBook looks like that of the MacBook Air.

It also shaves 220g off the previous MacBook’s 2.26k weight; the difference is definitely noticeable and makes the MacBook just a little more portable. Even though the case is made of metal, the MacBook didn’t get hot during my testing. Typing most of this review on a 2.4GHz model resting on my lap was not in the least bit uncomfortable and the fans didn’t kick in once.

The keyboard is similar to previous MacBooks, but the keys are black across both aluminium models; previously, only the black MacBook had black keys. The keys are easy to type on and have a nice, springy response to them. Unlike the higher-end MacBook costing £1,149, this model does not include a backlit keyboard.

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