MacBook 2.0GHz [ALUMINIUM] 2008 full review - Page 5

The new glass trackpad
You may not know by touching it that the trackpad on the newest MacBooks is a piece of glass, coated with a textured material to match the look (but not feel) of the aluminum body of the MacBook. It’s smoother than the case, but strikes a nice balance so that your fingers glide easily across it, with enough texture to give you some traction.

Look closely and you'll notice there's no button for the trackpad. Instead, you push the whole pad down to click

The new trackpad has no button below the trackpad area. The entire trackpad acts as a button, and you can feel the trackpad depress as you push your finger on it to click (there’s a narrow strip near the top that doesn’t move, but otherwise you can click anywhere you want on it). With no separate button, the trackpad is larger overall. The tactile feedback when you press down to click is very helpful, although using the new trackpad does take some getting used to, especially if you’ve been using an Apple laptop in the past. I found myself still using my thumb to click on the trackpad (as I did with the button in my earlier MacBook), which sometimes didn’t work as expected because I had another finger on the trackpad at the same time. Also, it seems to takes a little more force to press down the larger trackpad than the smaller button of old.

The new trackpad also supports Multi-Touch, which gives MacBooks users access to multi-finger gestures (demonstrated with videos in the new Trackpad system preference). Like on the MacBook Pro, you can now rotate images with a twist of your fingertips, scroll through photos with three fingers, or use new four-finger gestures, where you can swipe fingers up or down to engage Expose or sideways to bring up OS X’s Application Switcher. You can also designate the bottom left or right corner as a right-click. Once you learn and get used to these gestures, they can save you time and cursor movement.

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