MacMaid 2.1 full review

Upon first learning about MacMaid 2.1, I jumped for joy: the little utility purports to use rules you set to automatically clean your Desktop or any other folder. “Finally,” I mused, “I can delete those aliases I mistakenly created, the hundreds of disk images, and inadvertent PDF downloads without picking through them one by one.” MacMaid is, indeed, easy to use and has a clean interface. You just pick a folder to clean (in my case, the Desktop) and set some if-then rules based on a file’s name, extension, date created, date modified, or size. It’s similar to setting rules in Microsoft Entourage. Then you tell MacMaid how often to clean; the catch here is that once each hour is the least-frequent cleaning schedule. The program’s limitations, therefore, make it only marginally useful. I found myself constantly rewriting the same rule because it’s impossible to create two If statements per Then criterion: for example, to put files with .JPG and .TIF extensions in a folder on your hard-drive called Images, you must create two rules. It gets almost unbearably tedious if you’ve more than two or three criteria to process.
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