MacPhun Snapheal 2.0 full review

A new version of the magical repair app adds extra functions to the portfolio of image-correcting tools. The original Snapheal had a couple of problems in that it was incredibly slow at processing and the results were often unusable from the magic fill. The main selling point, that of marking imperfections and having the app clean them up, is in effect a rival to the content-aware Healing Brushes in Photoshop. However, Snapheal 2.0 is £6.99, not hundreds of pounds.

The processing has been speeded up and the results are certainly better, though as usual, complex areas end up badly – but then they do with the Patch tool in Photoshop anyway. There are three Erase modes, that do the cleaning up, with each one designed for slightly different circumstances. The Wormhole mode is good for spots and flaws on skin – small imperfections in other words, the Shapeshift tackles bigger areas while the Twirler is used for clouds because it blends the results better. Besides these though, the app is branching out to provide more correction facilities so these now include a clone stamp tool, retouching brushes, global adjustments and basic cropping. The latter should really include some perspective correction but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Anyway, the clone tool isn’t subtle, but often works better than the automated process. The Retouch tools are where there is much more precision with options for opacity and softness of the brush, and the ability to adjust the exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation sharpening and individual RGB channels. With all the rest of the correction tools, Snapheal is more of an all-rounder, meaning that for a very small outlay you can tackle most common snapshot problems.

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