MacPopUp full review

There are times when people want to avoid you. As a sub editor, I’m always chasing people for deadlines, the resulting unanswered phones and claims of missed emails leave me fuming. MacPopUp, I hoped, was the answer to my prayers. It sends messages to anyone on a local network – as long as they have MacPopUp installed. There’s no chance of missed messages as a window appears on the recipient’s screen. The system requirements are small – any PowerPC processor, 1MB of RAM, Mac OS 8.1 or later, OpenTransport, and a LAN with TCP/IP service. MacPopUp would be great for any office – especially if messages are sent between floors. The messages appear instantly, and there’s a text-to-speech option – although this did get annoying. It’s also compatible with Microsoft’s WinPopup. The trouble is its unreliability – it often took me five tries to send message. Like email, MacPopUp is great for distracting you from work. Sending abusive messages, and then hearing them played on the other side of the office gave the editorial department a full 20 minutes of fun.
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