Madden 2000 full review

Madden 2000 is a great game – it’s got stunning graphics, superb sounds, and good gameplay. Better than the real thing I suspect. "Small boys in the park, hundreds of pounds worth of kit, oxygen masks at the ready." It will never be the stuff of Ron Manager. Give me a Scholes volley, or Dallaglio dragging the Wales team over the line for a try any day any day of the week. It took me a while to get used to gridiron’s rules again – I haven’t followed American football since I was teenager – but once I did, Madden 2000 became addictive. The game options are daunting – there’s everything from the standard practice and game modes, to a quiz – called the Madden Challenge – and you can even sit back and watch the computer play classic games. When playing the multi-season franchise mode, players can also be drafted.The system requirements aren’t too large – Mac OS 7.5 or later, a 180MHz CPU or faster (although the Web site said 200MHz) and 32MB of free RAM.The graphics are stunning, but at least a blue-&-white G3 is needed to get the most out of the game. My pbeige G3 produced some very dodgy results. Foolish
I decided to play as the Miami Dolphins, they were my team as kid. As a newcomer to Madden, this was a mistake – I lost and I lost big. After learning my lesson, I changed teams and spent hours practicing. This is vital when getting to grips with the many options and plays – there are 28 playbooks to choose from.After two hours solid practising, it was time to go and play an exhibition game. I still lost, but by less. Disheartened, I took my sorry team back for more training. This time I tried to master some of the player moves. These include a pump fake when passing, jumping over opponents, spinning, and the all-important stiff arm. All the moves are in real-life motion-captured animation, which makes the game look stunning. Combine this with the great sound effects, and I was starting to feel for my poor quarterback when he was sacked for the third straight play. Especially as the linemen are as fat in Madden as they are in real life. The only difference is these virtual "athletes" don’t need oxygen after 20 seconds of exertion. Before I went back for another punishing beating, I checked out the game’s customization options – they’re almost as extensive as the game-play options. Everything from penalty levels to the weather can be changed. But having done so poorly, I decided allowing other teams to kill my players was a bad idea, and as for trying to contend with snow – coaching suicide.
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