Bungo and Quetta full review

Unlike you, dear readers, I’ve never been a fashion icon. Each of you is stunningly intelligent and attractive. At best I would describe myself as a proponent of dishevelled chic, though the chic bit might be pushing it. So when I was introduced to the Knomo range of fine leather laptop bags I was intrigued. The ethos is to bring the chic, designer look to what to most of us is the most functional bag we use.

Each of these bags arrived in an enormous and beautiful box, wrapped in tissue paper. There were squeals of delight at reception (not from me, I hasten to add), and every passing staffer was interested in the new arrival. In marketing terms this is known as the Tiffany effect: the crown jewels presented in a carrier bag would look naff, but a Ratners decanter in Tiffany wrapping would no longer be crap. The Knomo bags, however, represent true quality.

We examined two bags – the Bungo and the Quetta. The Bungo is a simple, sturdy satchel-style leather bag. It’s simple in the same way that the iPod is simple; without frills, but beautiful. There’s a world of difference between this bag and just about every laptop bag I have come across. The smell of the leather, the stitching, and thoughtfulness of
the design all scream quality – in a quiet, understated way.

The bag contains a laptop sleeve that is made of quilted soft cotton on the inside and sturdy canvas on the outside. Another innovation is the tracker system, which consists of a unique number stitched into the bag, and logged on the Knomo database. If somebody finds your bag on a train, or in the back of a cab they can call this number, and Knomo will retrieve your bag for you.

The handbag-style Quetta is a ladies’ bag that’s also a thing of beauty. It has both handles and a shoulder strap, and shares the same style inner case. Despite its substantial size, the Quetta still remains attractive and certainly will fit with more business outfits than your average nylon laptop case.

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