Masters of Orion 3 full review

f world domination isn't good enough for you, perhaps you should consider something on an even grander scale. Masters of Orion 3 gives you the world and more to conquer and bend to your will. There's lots of room for diplomacy, but you don't found an empire by being nice to aliens all the time. At your home planet you decide how to spend your resources, invest in military and agricultural research, train spies and wage war. There are layer on layer of endlessly complex options for every aspect of life in your colony. There are spaceships to build, planets to explore, aliens to meet, and governments to join or crush. The Orion series has been around for a long time; the original, Star Lords, was a DOS game. Consequently it has some very old fans, and they are passionate about the game and the 4X (explore, expand, exploit and exterminate) genre. There's plenty of activity on the chat boards at, where everyone seems to have an opinion on how the game should be designed and played. There's plenty of support and tips for newcomers, and I would advice inexperienced players to go there for help. Otherwise there's a massive 150-page manual to refer to.
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