Media Bank HS-R full review

Backing up data used to be easy: just copy your files to a floppy disk. OK, that was 15 years ago and now it would take a mountain of floppies to archive even the smallest modern hard drive. But hard-drives have always outpaced backup media in capacity and speed, so a solution is needed, especially in this era of massive video, graphics and audio files. Miglia has a solution in the MediaBank, a RAID array ready to take a pair of hard drives, which negates the need for backup at all. The idea is simple enough: hard drives are so cheap now that you can use them for backup. By mirroring two drives, you write data to both of them simultaneously. The FireWire 800 interface means this can happen very quickly – so there’s no slow-down to back-up. If a drive fails, no data is lost because there’s another drive with the data available. Simple – foolproof, even. At least that how it looks at first glance. What mirrored drives don’t allow for is the kind of human error that accidentally erases your data. If it’s deleted on one drive, it’s deleted on both. So it isn’t entirely foolproof, but it’s pretty close. You can populate the drive bays with any ATA drive, there is even a third drive tray for extra backup features. For example, you can remove one of the two drives and take it off site for extra security, then replace the missing drive with the spare and the RAID will kick in and immediately start mirroring the data. Another security feature is Kensington K-Lock support. This is physical security that means you can lock the drive down to deter thieves. The last thing you want is your safe backup to be stolen.
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