MediaDevil Grafikcase full review

We loved receiving our Grafikcase, slipping our iPhone 4S into it and stepping back to admire our very own photograph adorning our precious device.

It’s easy to customise your Grafikcase. Simply go to MediaDevil’s website, choose your device (iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy SIII, or Blackberry Bold 990), upload an image of your choice, position it however you’d like it to be printed, and click send.

A few days and £20 later, you’ll receive your Grafikase (along with some rather useless but nevertheless free home button stickers).

Our iPhone 4S case was easy to install, and we were impressed by the quality. MediaDevil uses Thermentive Transfer technology, which ensures that images are permanently embedded into the case to prevent fading or wearing. We also liked the way that MediaDevil leaves no visible area of the case blank, instead wrapping the image to cover the entire surface of the product.

The case doesn’t provide protection for the front, top, or bottom of the iPhone, but does leave a perfectly sized camera cutout that’s design to ensure that the smallest possible chunk is taken out of your photograph.

As for the print quality, we were suitably satisfied. Our flowery photograph did appear more yellow in colour than the original image we uploaded, but overall we were happy with the way it came out.

We chose a glossy finish for our case, which showed no sign of wear and tear during our testing, despite being thrown in a busy bag most of the week.

Several artists have also produced illustrations that are available for Grafikcase prints from MediaDevil.

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