Melodyne Version 1 full review

Melodyne is a revolutionary new editing tool for monophonic audio material. Previous editing tools would let you change the pitch of a note, or alter the tempo independently. Melodyne lets you do all this and much more. Say you want to edit a lead-vocal track. Typically, the singer may be a little flat or sharp, or the length of a phrase may be too short or long. Pro Tools plug-ins such as Serato’s Pitch ‘n’ Time let you edit and correct situations such as this reasonably well, but in a small window that can be difficult to work with. Detailed editing in Melodyne is much easier using the large Edit window display, letting you massage the length and timing of phrases, or even individual notes until they are exactly as you want them. And Melodyne goes much further than any of its competitors – allowing you to adjust the vibrato that a singer uses at the end of sustained notes, for example. The Pitch Transition tool lets you alter the speed of transitions between notes. You can also edit formants, or change the amplitude or timing of any note, lengthen or shorten a note, and shorten or lengthen the attack of any note to make it sound more staccato or legato. Mix master
Melodyne’s is a capable multi-track audio recorder, editor and mixer. In the Arrangement window, you can load in (or record) up to 24 vocal or instrumental tracks, edit these, then mix them together and export as individual sound files or as combinations of tracks. Editing tools let you shift a track in time, alter the tempo of the arrangement, or cut-&-paste between tracks. You can match the tempo of one track to another, or you can copy a vocal onto several tracks and edit the pitches of these to create harmonies The melodies can then be saved as MIDI files to view in a notation program or transfer to a sequencer. Melodyne automatically determines the pitch, rhythm and tempo of audio files. When I tried this, the results were good, but not perfect – so some manual editing was required, using the Melody Definition window. Melodyne’s Mixer window lets you select track inputs and outputs, and set levels and pans. Several popular file formats are supported, so you can transfer tracks to and from Pro Tools, or whatever. Melodyne can either use the Apple Sound Manager or ASIO sound drivers with audio hardware.
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