Razer DeathAdder for Mac full review

Keen computer gamers may well have heard of Razer, which was one of the first companies to specialise in hardware specifically made for gamers. This, the DeathAdder for Mac, is an update of its venerable PC mouse with Mac specific drivers.

While the Mac has never been a gaming platform to rival the PC, the switch to Intel chipsets plus a general rise in popularity has boosted the Mac gaming market – and many Mac games are getting a day and date release to match their PC brethren. You've never had it so good for gaming, so why put up with a Mighty Mouse when there are better options on the market?

When you hold the DeathAdder in your hand it's clear that somebody has put a lot of thought into this piece of kit. It's constructed out of several different materials: the body is shiny black plastic, while the upper surface is constructed out of the rubberized finish that seems so popular these days. The mouse sits on three Teflon tabs that produce a fantastically smooth action.

The physical shape of the mouse is interesting too: the buttons are large and wide with responsive clicks, and it sports an oversized scroll wheel; there are two extra buttons on the left hand side too. Both the scroll wheel and a logo light up on the mouse (a sure sign that it's designed with gamers in mind).

Its curved rear reminds us of the Microsoft Mouse, but it's got a slightly odd ergonomic feel. Many gamers use a cradled-hand position, with their palm raised away from the mouse surface, and it seems to be especially catering for this style. While no bad thing, it does prevent it from having the long-use comfort of other mice.

The Razer DeathAdder sports glowing lights, although these can be turned off in the software preferences

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