Razer ProClick V1.6 full review

The ProClick has a sleek, ambidextrous design in white, with grey buttons, that complements Apple’s keyboard. For a bit of panache, the clickable scroll wheel glows blue when it’s plugged in; the blue is also visible through translucent strips on the side of the mouse. The ProClick is much more nimble and light on its feet than the average mouse, and demands a lighter touch – a caress of fingertips, rather than a choking death grip.

There are seven buttons including the scroll wheel, and all are programmable using the Razer driver software. The two buttons on the top are oversized with a velvet texture. The buttons on either side take some getting used to, and require you to relearn how to position your thumb and ring finger to use them comfortably.

The ProClick has twice the optical resolution of many mice, which means better accuracy when working in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or other applications that demand precise mouse control. The driver software lets you adjust the mouse’s on-the-fly sensitivity. This means the cursor can be made to move across the screen with very little wrist movement, or creep across small sections of the screen with extraordinary precision. What’s more, you can program the mouse’s scroll wheel to adjust the sensitivity manually. You can also program macros to substitute for mouse buttons.

Unfortunately, the software only allows you to make global button assignment settings that affect how the buttons work for all applications. It would be far more useful to be able to create button assignments for specific applications – mapping the left toggle button to scroll up and down a page in Safari, but go forward or backward through a series of frames in iMovie.

The ProClick features a seven-foot USB cable, which makes a desktop a bit messy, but is a welcome respite from the too-short cables Apple includes with its own gear.

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