Mini USB 4-Port Hub full review

I’ve got five USB devices on my desk: a keyboard, mouse, Zip drive, scanner, and a card reader. The latter three share one USB port on my blue-&-white Power Mac G3, something that has never bothered me unduly. After all, hot swappability is the great thing about USB – it certainly isn’t speed. I’ve been using the Swann USB 4-port Hub for a week now. Because I haven’t had to lurch around the back of my machine to unplug my scanner and plug-in my Zip I must have saved all of 45 seconds. I can’t imagine the trivial inconvenience of not having a hub prompting me to part with hard-earned cash to buy one. I think I’d need to be running a USB printer for my irritation to reach unacceptable levels. The unique thing about this hub is its 500 milli-amp Power Up button, meaning you can run high-powered USB devices – like scanners and printers. The hubs also come in the full range of iMac colours.
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